Business group
 Hongxing Chuangye has a good business group familiar with market operation and good ethics. We hae reasonable operational arrangement, service followed up and in place and close combination of finance with management, achieved an operational theory of solidity and sincerity. We employ accumulation and development of business to have set up a distribution network taking the Pearl River Delta as the key area. Our mainstream clients are the industries of electric power, metallurgy, ceramic, shipping and hotel etc.. We will also open up the new markets constantly to create wider fields.


   Facilities of Company 
 Hongxing Chuangya plans to build a depot of 35,000m3, with 15,000 m3of oil tank in operating temporarily now. The professional quay of oil depot adds more convenience for oil circulation. The comfortable working environment, dormitory and playground of employees and recreation facility are all in harmonious operation full of humanization. The matched rigorous management system makes the company with more strength for challenge.

  Distribution of oil
 The company has also 20-odd oil tankers with loading force 500-odd tons once, formed a large oil distributing team. Our distributing staffs are full of energy to serve the customers, sending the safe and high-quality oil to broad manufactures.

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